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Budget Inn Motel in Perry, OK is best known for our remarkable inn accommodations and affordable rates. This is the ideal...
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Perry, OK is home to Budget Inn Motel, where you can make a reservation for your extended stay accommodation. Apartment...
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Budget Inn Motel located in Perry, OK is the ideal place to be for your long term stay. You may find the same features and amenities...

Budget Inn Motel delivers quality yet reasonably priced rates for motel services and extended stays.

Welcome To Budget Inn Motel

Based in Perry, OK, Budget Inn Motel is the perfect place to stay for your vacation or an extended stay in town. We offer remarkable motel services without the expensive room rates. Therefore, we are the best choice for travelers who are looking for an extended stay accommodation deal.

You can find a wide range of motel services, from the common amenities and facilities around the vicinity to your very room. This motel and inn is ideal for those who want an extended stay, whether for a temporary place to live, or an accommodation for an extended vacation or a long term business trip. Whatever your reason may be, you have a place to go if you are in town.

You can find our impressive services in our updated portfolio and room rates. There are great packages for our motel services deals and accommodation. You have a choice for single rooms, rooms for two, or rooms for a larger group of people. Most importantly, as our name implies, the motel is for extended stay, which is ideal for budget-savvy travelers and occupants.

For your long term motel stay, make sure you book a motel room before your actual stay. If you are planning to reserve a room for a long term or extended stay, you can call the us months or weeks before the date you are planning to arrive. Earlier reservation will help you get a better room and even budget-friendlier deals.

Budget Inn Motel is synonymous to the “Cheapest Prices in Town.”

Call or email our customer support today for information or to book a room for your extended or long term stay in town.